Pretty simple really! My Disc Bag is a tool to keep track of your discs and maybe work out what kind of disc might be a good addition to your bag

Add your discs, edit the flight ratings, edit the flight paths

A note regarding accounts: If you are logged out, you can create a guest account (no sign up) by clicking on the bag icon on the main page.

If you would like to save your discs to view later or on another device, you can make an account. All the discs you created in guest mode can be transferred to your new account at sign up.

New Features (v2.0):

  • Automatic and user-controlled disc suggestions! (in BETA) Click the light bulb icon to find potential new discs

New Features (v19.0):

  • Ablilty to link a single disc to multiple bags (done by using a list of bags (with commas separating each item) in the bag field when editing a disc)
  • When cloning a bag, linked discs will be cloned as a link

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If you've found this section of the site, don't worry - I'm just trying to help my friend get her site listed on Google. Lisa Aoki Hillas